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Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. Logging into PatSeer
    2. Viewing your profile
    3. Changing your Password
    4. Usage Tracking
    5. Application Home Page
  2. Searching Records 

    1. Introduction to Searching in PatSeer
    2. Searching Basics (Must Read)
    3. Common Syntax Mistakes and their Corrections
    4. Search Syntax Examples
    5. Searching Publications
  3. Search Aids and Tools 

    1. User Preferences
    2. Add thesaurus names to filters
    3. Search Recall
    4. Semantic Search Suggester
    5. Suggesters and Autocomplete support in command line
  4. Working with Search Results 

    1. Viewing Results
    2. View Full Text Of Records Within Search Results
    3. View Selected Record Count
    4. Ignore A Result When Using Search Script
    5. Record Added To Project Indicator
  5. Detailed View 

    1. Viewing Records
    2. Viewing Biblio, Claims and Description
    3. Open Record Portions In Different Windows
    4. View File Index (FI) Codes
    5. Viewing Record Citations
  6. Analytics & Visualizations 

    1. Analyzing Search Results
    2. Working with Charts
    3. Charts Dashboard
    4. Chart Layers - Multidimensional analysis
    5. Patenting Trend
  7. Projects 

    1. Introduction to Projects
    2. Create And Select A New Catalogue At Project Creation
    3. Group Projects Under Different Catalogues
    4. Clone a Project
    5. Creating a Project
  8. Project Collaboration 

    1. Managing Users in PatSeer
    2. Sharing a Project
    3. Sharing search results
    4. Creating and Managing Permission Groups
    5. Creating and Sharing Patent Dashlets
  9. Alerts 

    1. Search Alerts
    2. Record Monitoring
    3. Alerts On Search Scripts
  10. Online Training Videos 

    1. Searching in PatSeer
    2. PatSeer Projects
    3. Patent Analysis and Mapping using PatSeer
    4. Generating Multi-dimensional Charts in PatSeer
    5. Search Scripting
  11. PatSeer Pro Features 

    1. Introduction to PatSeer Pro
    2. Auto Cleanup
    3. Advanced Clustering
    4. Co-occurrence Matrix
    5. Citation Analysis
  12. PatSeer Pro Videos 

    1. PatSeer Pro Live Demo
    2. Auto Cleanup Features
  13. Release Notes and Version History 

    1. Links to download Release Update Documents
    2. September 2019 Release Update
    3. June 2019 Release Updates
    4. February 2019 Release Updates
    5. December 2018 Release Updates
  14. Miscellaneous 

    1. Understanding Simple and Extended Families
    2. PatSeer Data Coverage
    3. PatSeer Glossary Questions
    4. Legal Status Codes :: Countries A - D
    5. Legal Status Codes :: Countries E - H
  15. All articles 

    1. Logging into PatSeer
    2. Introduction to Searching in PatSeer
    3. Viewing Results
    4. Viewing Records
    5. Understanding Simple and Extended Families
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